Garrison Academy for Boys is a premier institution of Lahore Garrison 24Education System. It’s  foundation stone was laid by Lt Gen F. S Lodhi, then Commander 4 Corps in Jun 1983 & was  formally  inagurated by Mr Muhammad  Nawaz Sharif, then Chief Minister of Punjab. It is centrally located in Lahore Cantonment & accessible  from all areas of the city through Tufail road and Sarwar road. Garrison Academy for Boys   offers classes from  6th to 10th in science subjects only. Academy is affiliated with Federal Board of Education Islamabad  for Matric examination.


  • Grooming of students and enable them to contribute  positively for betterment of  their homes, school and community.

  • Encourage the students to explore , experiment and express individual creativeness.

  • Development of clean, safe and systematic work habits among students.

  • To help and guide the students in identifying their aptitudes, abilities and inclinations.

  • To develop the habit of engaging themselves in gainful pursuits for making best use of their time.

  • To provide the students an understanding about ideology and cultural values of Pakistan as the basis of education and to inculcate respect for these.

  • To promote communication skills of the students enabling them to express themselves fluently with confidence.

School Policies

  • The medium of instruction is English for all classes.

  • Since the Academy prepares students for external examinations, the teaching is generally to meet the requirements of these examinations. The courses of study are designed to suit the need of student’s future education as well as the demands of the changing times.

Two terms correspond in a academic calendar from April to October and November to March.

  • Examinations are held in October and March. These are called terminal examinations. Result cards/statements of these examinations are given to the parents at the end of each term during parent-teacher meetings.

  • In addition, check point tests followed by parent-teacher meetings are also part of our examination system.

  • Home work/checking of note books form an essential part of our educational system.

The students of classes VI to VIII follow the scheme of studies designed and approved by Army Public Schools and Colleges System (APSACS) Secretariat. The students of Matric program will have the courses of studies prescribed by Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education.

  • Pass Percentage: Core Subjects(English, Urdu, Math, Science)= 50 %

  • None Core Subjects(Islamiat History & Geography)=45%

Courses Offered

  • English Literature

  • English Language

  • Urdu

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • History

  • Geography

  • Islamiat

  • Computer Science

  • Fine Arts

  • English Literature

  • English Languag

  • Urdu

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology/Computer Science

  • History

  • Islamiat

  • English

  • Urdu

  • Islamiat

  • Pak Studies

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology/Computer Science

  • English

  • Urdu

  • Islamiat

  • Pak Studies

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology/Computer Science


Senior students are given various prefectorial appointments in order to provide them with an opportunity to develop their leadership potential and inculcate in them sense of responsibility justice and devotion to duty. The Head Boy and two Assistant Head Boys are elected through secret ballot held in April every year.


Acting upon the instructions issued by APSACS Secretariat with the aim of involving students in useful pursuits and develop competitive and comrade- ship qualities among them, four houses Senior( 9th-10th) and Junior(6th-8th) have been formed. The names of the houses are:

  • Unity

  • Faith

  • Discipline

  • Tolerance

Each house has a House Teacher and an Assistant House Teacher to supervise, conduct and guide the students in all areas of their educational development and co-curriculum / extra curriculum activities.


All the students are required to wear the uniform prescribed by APSACS Secretariat in order to ensure identity and to check the use of expensive / showy dress and maintain uniformity and equality among the students.


  •           Full-sleeve white shirt                    Grey trousers

  •           Flag green sweater                          Black socks

  •          Black shoes with laces                    Green neck-tie with yellow     stripes


  •           Full-sleeve white shirt          Grey trousers

  •           Black socks                                 black shoes with laces



          Monday to Thursday         :        0800 hrs to 1405 hrs

          Friday                                 :        0800 hrs to 1240 hrs


          Monday to Thursday        :        0730 hrs to 1325 hrs

          Friday                               :        0730 hrs to 1245 hrs


Tuition fee and allied charges will be reviewed from time to time. Change in school dues is made by the Governing Body and is conveyed to the parents as and when made.


At present, fee concession as policy does not exist in garrison schools. However patron may grant fee concession to deserving cases on compassionate basis. Fee concession is granted for one academic year and may be discontinued if the student fails in his final examination.


“Darakhshan” is Garrison Academy for Boys annual school magazine, portraying the creativity and academic prowess of its student body. Consisting of both English and Urdu sections, contribution and participation in its publication is open to all students of the Academy.


The academic year of the school extends from April to March and is divided into two terms with two short breaks and long summer vacation. In addition to this all gazette holidays are observed. A preparatory leave is given before the start of each terminal examination.


  • Attendance is compulsory and absentees are dealt with suitably. Leave may be granted in case of illness when a medical certificate will be required and in emergency cases, on the written request of parents/guardians. Absentees/defaulters are fined as under:-

    • Late comers in the morning                              –        Rs 10/-per day

    • Whole day absence without leave                   –        Rs 50/-per day

    • Absenting from class without permission        –        Rs 50/-per day

    • Leaving school without permission                  –        Rs 50/-per day

    • Minor discipline cases i.e improper dress etc- Rs 50/-per day

    • Discipline cases i.e disobedience, scuffle, cheating Rs 1000/- at a time

    • Damaging school property : Cost of damaged items plus fine on merit of the case up to Rs 1000/- at the discretion of the Principal.

    • The fine will be mentioned in the fee bill and will be paid directly in the bank.

  • The name of a student shall be struck off the rolls of the Academy if he remains absent without leave for ten consecutive days. In case of readmission the parents will have to pay admission fee.


No student will be granted leave of absence for more than three months.


  • Students guilty of the following offences will be liable to be withdrawn from the Academy:

  • Stealing and indulging in acts of moral turpitude.

  • Willfully and deliberately damaging the Academy property.

  • Activities which cause dissatisfaction among others.

  • Rudeness to staff.

  • Frequent absence from classroom/other academic activities without proper cause.

  • Violation of Academy rules.

  • Smoking / indulging in drugs.

  • Bringing explosives, fire arms and weapons of any type to the Academy.

  • Bringing cell phones, CDs, records etc will be dealt with severely

    Following are strictly forbidden. Defaulters will be dealt with severely.

  • Disfiguring or defacing Academy property.

  • Lending and borrowing money.

  • Using unauthorized medicines.

  • Using unfair means in examinations/tests.